Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Aussie Kiss!

It's that time of year when UKWA competitions make way for SWA madness!
Aussie Kiss is the Student Windsurfing Association's big festival which happens every October at Roadford Lake in Devon. This year I was instructing on the Saturday, and competing on Sunday. Unfortunately a run of bad luck in the Team racing final resulted in a poor result for Bristol, who are last years SWA Champions. The wind was onshore, making the beach start difficult with 8 people in a line, the positioning of the mark relative to the pontoon meant that I (who started downwind of everyone) had to complete two tacks to make it rather than one, and my fin got stuck on the beach, then the boom slipped... oh well!

The lightwind freestyle was awesome fun, and I got 3rd place! I sailed well thought out heats, stayed focused, and had awesome fun to make it to the final.
Photo by Supersaturated

A big thanks to Roadford lake for putting up with 500 odd students turning the place into more of a mud-bath than usual, the SWA committee for organising an amazing event, and all the SWA sponsors for making it possible, and providing nice shiny demo kit!

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