Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas Holidays in Cornwall

To be honest I was ready to come home for a break, Uni was hard work this time! To be fair, I hadn't been giving myself much space to relax with all the SWA events and stuff. I've had to crack on with some revision for the exams, but the Christmas period coincided pretty well with a lot of wind and waves, so I took the general timetable of revise all morning and windsurf all afternoon! Had some nice wave sessions at Daymer, and some flat water/bump and jump at Torpoint. It was almost too windy most of the time for Raceboard (or at least that's what I told myself as I packed my waveboard into the car for the nth day in a row), but I've had some good training sessions, new years day was perfect NW'ly 4-5 at Siblyback with friends - Paul Wright made a short video of it:

It seems that after a couple of months break, I can still hang onto my 9.5, and feel fairly fast, just need to keep up the board-handling skills and stay fit really. I'm pretty exited to announce that Tushingham will be supporting me this upcoming season, and can't wait for my new rig and Starboard Phantom 377 to arrive. Unfortunately it's back to Uni for exams this week, but hopefully I can come home for a weekend and start getting the new kit tuned up for 2013, stay tuned for my first impressions of how the kit compares to my current Starboard/Tushingham setup. In the mean time, why not check out what the manufacturers say about it here:

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