Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Louis Morris's SWA update!

The Student windsurfing association events are all but over for the 2011-2012 year, I which is kind of sad, but the big one is still to come: Nationals!

First, a round up of the last couple of events. The last event of the Puravida SWA Wave series was hosted by Cardiff Uni a few weeks ago, and whereas Portsmouth was windy but flat, Cornwall (Plym/Exe) was windy and bumpy but very onshore, the welsh event promised some nice swell. As for the wind...

Well it was light and easterly (offshore), not ideal, but after some fun SUPing and surfing at a busy Porthcawl on Saturday  the forecast of 10 knots or so looked ok for some down the line conditions at Newgale in Pembrokeshire. Unfortunately, the wind was just too gusty and offshore to run competition, although I got out on an 86l, with lulls of virtually nothing, I didn't get far! Luckily  the swell was nice and it was sunny all day, so again, some fun SUP, wind-SUP and surfing was had by all. That put me in joint 6th for the series, mainly because I did all the events, but still, I beat some people!

Last weekend was the last core (inland) event. These events are always good fun, with loads on offer for all levels of windsurfers. This year is was very cold, but there was wind on Sunday: NE, gusty and snowy! The freestyle competition kicked off first. Unfortunately the wind dropped a little in the first heats, but this complemented my light weight, and I played it safe, going for some consistent upwind 360s, 1 handed variations and duck gybes. It seemed to work, because I got through to the final, and although I couldn't match Ollie Acton's Flaka, I still managed 2nd place, which I was really pleased with because there are some amazing freestylers in the SWA. I won the individual racing, which was nice, although the races were pretty short it was nice to be planing all the way around. The awesome prize was free entry to the Round Hayling Island Race, should be good fun, ideal first race for my Tushy XR Race and Phantom I think! Thanks to Boardwise for providing the one design racing boards for Team and Advanced racing.
Top 3 Racers. Photo Courtesy of Notts County Sailing Club.
Freestyle:                             Racing:
1st Ollie Acton                    1st Louis Morris
2nd Louis Morris                2nd Jo Wright
3rd Ben Page                     3rd Adam Chubbock
4th Jo Wright

It's been nice and convenient to be using my Overboard kit at these events - dry tube for my wet gear, and adventure backpack for my other stuff, thanks to their support.

If only the SWA doesn't allow the use of 9.5's and Raceboards at their events! Hopefully I will use my Phantom at the SWA/BUCS Nationals so watch out! I can't wait to get back out on my Tushingham/Starboard racing gear over the Easter holidays, only a month 'till the first UKWA event now!

The SWA is a great way to get into windsurfing, and meet other enthusiastic windsurfing students - highly recommended!

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