Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Blog o' Clock again!

Been a while.

I have decided to use less words and more pictures, and I have pictures this time!

Been in the mountains a lot, did my 80th Munro the other weekend.

And I got a camera for my Birthday, hence pictures below:


Ben Cruachan with mum, visited my brother Owen in Taynuilt as well

The Mamores (near Fort William)

The Grey Corries (also near Fort William)

Went on an epic trip to Islay with Antoine from Endinburgh. 4 hours driving from St Andrews and a ferry, we camped in the sand dunes and windsurfed all day in clean shoulder-overhead high cross off down the line 4.7! Very gusty but I was on the Tushingham Rock: that sail isn't bothered if it is a gust or a lull!

Antoine (by me):

Me (by Antoine):

Then the weekend after that I went to Rhosneigr for the first event of the BWA (British wavesailing) tour. Was, plenty of wind and waves, but tricky sometimes. I used everything from 3.9 and 74l to 5.2 and 86 Port tack Saturday, Starboard tack Sunday. Had a shocker in the single elimination, but came back in the double to get =9th, think there was 16 or so of us. No pics. Broke my wave fin at Rhossy, so used a big 26cm freewave fin, worked fine.

Got home, chopped up my wave fin into a freestyle fin, used blu tack instead of a fin bolt (US box, so it couldn't fall out completely), and then went and landed my first vulcans after work at West Sands St Andrews on Starboard Kode FSW 86 and Tushingham Edge 5.2 woop woop!

Next weekend I'm off to Rutland for the 2nd event of the UKWA Regional Inland series. My first time on a Raceboard since January and first time racing since the worlds last September. Should be interesting, forecast looks rainy and light winds, cant' wait!

Jazz time in St Andrews now, see ya!