Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Cornish Summer

This summer, like last summer, I'm working as a watersports instructor at Polkerris Beach on the south coast of Cornwall. It's been pretty good so far working on a beach. The weather's not been amazing, but it's been busy enough, I don't know how many people I've taught to sail and windsurf, but it's been quite a few.

Last summer was very sunny, but pretty windless. This summer we've had a few sunny days, but most importantly, there have been a few days of great wavesailing to make up for not doing a season somewhere sunnier and more consistently windy. Perfect for testing my new Starboard Kode 77 aka the wave riding rocket ship!

I had a really fun session at Bigbury, cross on, 4.7, waves up to head high. Crashed a few backloops, but getting some forwards and tweaking my table tops.

This feels good! Photo by Simon Burgess.
Tweaking it out. Photo by Simon Burgess.
This was followed by a windier day. I opted for Daymer, it wasn't as wavy as Bigbury, but really fun for jumping, no table tops on port tack, but some nice floaty jumps, one handed jumps, and forward loops. I worked on my backloops as well and was finally rewarded by landing my first port tack backloop woop woop. I also managed to land my first stalled forward loops! The nice surprise was finding the Kent family at the beach, better known for their raceboard exploits, I had a lot of fun jumping with Rob, made a change to racing him on a long board! This was followed by a relaxing float and ride session at Marazion.
1 handed jump. Photo by Annette Kent.
Rocket Rob. Photo by Annette Kent.

A week or so later, and there was a big swell and windy SW forecast + sun. I met up with friend and Tushingham team mate Sam Sills, who is a professional RSX athlete. We headed to The Bluff (Hayle) and scored some big wave rides. It was very tricky, with big hollow waves breaking over a shallow sand bar and a very gusty wind. I was on my 4.7 Rock and 77 Kode, and Sam was on 4.5 Bolt and 86 Kode freestyle wave. It was a super fun session, amazing to get waves like this in the summer as well! Unfortunately I had to spend the evening in A&E getting my chin stitched up after being eaten by a big wave and eating my mast.
Sick session!
I kept windsurfing for a while, my jaw hurt a bit though!
Looks like we might get some more wind and waves during the next week, fingers crossed!

I've also been getting plenty of race training in, both at Siblyback Lake, and after work at Polkerris. Feels a bit strange to start training after the World Champs instead of before, but that is the way it is. I'm getting faster and working on my technique a lot. Feeling really motivated for the next UKWA event next weekend in north Wales. Polkerris has been a great training venue, and I feel well prepared for some choppy wavy conditions in Pwllheli.

If you've not already seen my Siblyback training video from last month then you should check it out!

Here are a few gopro photos. Stay tuned for some race results next weekend.
Flying downwind.
Pumping pumping pumping....
Full power upwind.
Marginal cruising.
Practising with the uphaul.

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