Friday, 6 September 2013

Raceboard worlds day 5

Today, 3 races were completed for all fleets in 5-10 knots and hot sunshine.

It was hard work pumping in the hot conditions and light wind, but everyone was glad to get some races done after two days of no wind.
Mens yellow fleet start
In the blue fleet, Maksymilian Wojcik POL-7 was pushed hard by Curro Manchon ESP-9, but it was the former who won all 3 races, with Curro in 2nd each time, although an OCS (over the start line) in the last race saw him end the day in 5th place. Petr Kucera CZE-15 had consistent results, which was enough for him to hold on to 4th place.

In 3rd place is Louis Morris GBR-730. I was in the yellow fleet, where Patrik Pollak won every race, and somehow I managed 2nd in every race. I came frustratingly close to catching him a few times, but his downwind speed was too much. Sylvian Dehouve FRA-89 was never far behind, and holds 6th place now.
Louis and Sylvian upwind
Tomorrow is the last day, and with the mens fleet splitting into gold and silver fleets, there is going to be some very intense racing at the front of the fleet. Petr Kucera is only 1 point behind me, with Curro and Sylvian not far behind him, so there will be a tough battle for 3rd place. Max POL-7 and Patrik SVK-1 both have 6 points, so it will be winner takes all for them!

Tough day for Paul.
Mark Roberts found form in the last race today with a 19th place, but unfortunately it won't be enough to see him through to the gold fleet. Paul Wright had good speed when the gusts hit, but struggled to replicate this in the light conditions.

In the Womens fleet, Vita Matise LAT-1 has been dominating with several race wins, however, she is still counting a DNC from Tuesday, so will be hoping to discard that tomorrow to move up from 3rd place. Jana Silova CZE-26 still leads the winners fleet, with a consistent performance in todays light winds as well as Tuesdays strong conditions.
The womens fleet starting.
The wind is supposed to be a little stronger tomorrow, peaking at 6-11 knots, similar direction (SE), giving clean wind, although it was quite shifty and patchy today. It will be a close final day for all fleets in tricky conditions, stay tuned at

Results Summary, men:
1. Patrik Pollak SVK-1
2. Maksymilian Wojcik POL-7
3. Louis Morris GBR-730
4. Petr Kucera CZE-15
5. Curro Manchon ESP-9
67. Mark Roberts GBR-1118
90. Paul Wright GBR-788

1. Jana Silova CZE-26
2. Hruba Martina CZE-251
3. Vita Matise LAT-1

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