Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Raceboard worlds Day 6: I got 3rd!!!!

The final day of the raceboard worlds had very similar conditions to day 5, with light winds of 4-9 knots SE and sunshine. There was a lot to play for on the final day, with a close battle for the title in both the mens and womens category.

Overnight leader Patrik Pollak SVK-1 didn't have it his own way, and found himself battling back through the fleet whilst Max Wojcik won all three of today's races to win the world championship in style. Spain's Curro Manchon was never far behind in 2nd in each race, and I recovered from a disappointing 7th in the first race to finish 3rd in the final two races and make it into 3rd place in the event.

Fellow Brits Mark and Paul found some form, with Mark coming close to winning the in the silver fleet, and beating half the gold fleet who had a 5 minute head start

Vita Matise and Marketa Vranova battling it out.
In the womens fleet, Latvia's Visa Matise won all three races, enabling her to take the title away from Jan Silova from the Czech republic dispite counting a did not compete from the first day.

It was a fantastic event with a range of conditions from 4-33 knots, everything was very well organised,and a big thanks to the event 
organisers and sponsors as well as the race committee for putting on a fantastic championship. There was a record number of 110 entries, showing that raceboarding is a popular and healthy class around the world.
Mens world champion is Maksymilian Wojcik

1. Maksymilian Wojcik - Poland, 1st lightweight 
2. Patrik Pollak - Slovakia,1st master 
3. Louis Morris - Great Britain 
11. Juha Blinnikka - Finland, 1st grandmaster and 1st heavyweight 
14. Kai Mannisto - Finland,1st veteran 
33. Anras Nikl - Hungary, 1st youth

Silver fleet:
9. Mark Roberts GBR-1118
41. Paul Wright GBR-788
1. Vita Matise - Latvia, first grandmaster
2. Jana Slivova - Czech Republic
3. Martina Hruba - Czech Republic
Visa Matise is the womens world champion

Full results here: http://www.wcr2013.org/en/information/
Photos and more here: www.facebook.com/wcr2013 

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