Thursday, 12 July 2012

June 18-19th was event 3 of the UKWA Inland series at Oxford Sailing Club, and I got 3rd Raceboard! So happy with my first UKWA podium result, some fantastic racing. Only one race was completed on Saturday, with 25 knot gusts, it was pretty hard work but felt confident on my 8.4, just had to hold my gybes together! Sunday was very different, and 5 gruelling races were completed in very tricky, shifty marginal conditions, there was some really close racing which was fantastic, with several different people taking race wins - sadly not me, but I managed to be pretty consistent over the series of races, with the exception of the disastrous last race! This weekend it is off to the Midlands for the next event of the Inland series on Rutland water, looks like light wind Saturday and marginal Sunday - hard work!
Farmoor results:
1. Rob Kent, Starboard Phantom 377, Tushingham XR
2. Mark Kay, Starboard Phantom 380, Demon VG7 
3. Louis Morris, Fanatic Cat Class X, Tushingham XR/North Ram F8

Picture by Andy Watkinson

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